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The Dao of Jazz : Harnessing Flow

We all wish the best for our loved ones; for our children to thrive in school, for our partners to find fulfilling jobs, for our parents to be healthy and happy, but turning that wish into reality can be so challenging in this world. Frustration can build a wall between us, make it hard to find common ground and Compassion in the struggles we all face every day. 

The Dao of Jazz : Harnessing Flow will give you the tools to break down this wall, with easy and fun music Games, embedded with mindfulness and Creative discovery. In 10 weeks of weekly video lessons, as well as weekly live sessions for you to get help with the course material tailored to your needs and situations.


Designed to be together, with no previous knowledge of Music necessary, these Games will guide you and another through finding notes, writing music, clapping rhythms, and unlocking your voice, all without sheet music.

With emergent learning built into the 4 Core Games of Music is Easy, you will be given they keys to a Toolbox of Games and Exercises that can be used by and with learners of any age, any instrument, any ability, and any Neurodiversity.

Book 1 : Foundation sets out the Games, Book 2 : Freedom elaborates these into a comprehensive pathway to Mastery of the Fundamentals of Western Music.
Tha Dao of Jazz : Harnessing Flow 

As an early-adopter special, this course will be available at a 50% discount at £500. There will be limited s
paces in the first sets of courses, with a total of 10 spaces available in each of three timezones - these will be scheduled by agreement depending on numbers,  and we will accomodate US, EU and SEA timezones.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Ask Ed : 
Q : When will the Course start? 

A : July 2024

Q : Who is this Course for? 
A: Self-motivated Learners, Neurodiverse Adults, Parents and Educators supporting young people with ND, especially ADHD / Autism.
Q : What Outcomes can I expect from this course? 
A : My 5 objectives for Learners on this course are 
       1. To overcome Fear with  Flow.
       2. To have the Courage to broaden their own musical horizons.
       3. To have the Confidence to help others broaden theirs.
       4. To have the Tools to overcome Creative blocks and boundaries.
       5. To be excited to share their Music with the World.
Q : What will the Course look like, week by week?

A : The 10 weeks of the course will follow the progression of Games in the Method, firstly giving Learners the ability to take a step back from thinking, then progressing through layers of Mindfulness, Mastery and an evolving self-discovery of principles of Musical development, finally resolving into an experience of Flow in Practice. 

Course Outline and weekly Module titles. 

Week 1 : C is to the Left Part 1.
– Understanding and supporting Neurodiversity – we are all Neurodiverse, but some are more diverse than others - Cognitive Diagnostics

Week 2 : C is to the Left Part 2.
– Applying this to instruments

Week 3 : The Word Game Part 1.
– What, When, Why and How we Practice

Week 4 : The Word Game Part 2.
– Self-Discovery through Practice

Week 5 : The Rhythm Game Part 1.
– The Impossible or Easy Paradox

Week 6 : The Rhythm Game Part 2.
– Scaling difficulty and practice motivation

Week 7 : The Meow-Coaster Part 1.
– Using the voice confidently as a tool

Week 8 : The Meow-Coaster Part 2.
– Developing the voice with our instrument

Week 9 : The Rule of 5
– Flow State

Week 10 : Moving out of the Practice Room

Q : How will the course be delivered?

A : Private videos, downloadable via Youtube, with weekly group video calls on Discord or other video conferencing services subject to consensus / request.

Music is Easy, Books 1 and 2 Hard copies available at : : UK : US 

Game 1 :
C is to the Left

Learning the pattern on the Piano.

12 Tone Equal Temperament

Mapping the Major Scale

Vocabulary : Call and Response, Interval, Semi-tone, Half-step, Octave

C is to the Left page.png

Game 2 :
The Word Game

Practicing finding the notes on your instrument

Writing Melodies

Having fun exploring words

Learners self-discover Vertical representation

Games :

'Play it faster', 'Play it twice', 'Play it backwards'

'What's that Song?'

'Speed Words'

The Word Game Page.png

Game 3 :
The Rhythm Game

Writing Rhythms and Feeling Them

Having fun exploring Rhythms

Transition between clapping and instruments

Games :

'Play it faster', 'Play it twice', 'Play it backwards'

'Pass the Rhythm Round'


The Rythm Game.png

Game 4 :
The Meow-Coaster

Using the Voice as a Tool

Overcoming Fear

Everybody can Sing


Music is Easy, MineCraft Edition

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