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Mark and Ed


Groove Duo

Cello + everything

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+ Edgar

Loops, Percussion, etc.

Brazilian Percussion

 (Don't F with that Hippo, Man.)

Mark and Ed Duo Jazz

Mark and Ed Duo Jazz

Don't F With That Hippo, Man - aka Don't Hippo - are a contemporary groove and jazz-infused musical duo that masterfully blend the rhythmic drive of Cello-Bass with the warmth and bite of Jazz Guitar, creating a groove that resonates with the soul. Their music—a dialogue between stringed harmony and infectious groove—invites audiences of all backgrounds to a serene, yet captivating experience.

With a diverse repertoire that spans traditional jazz, reflective ballads and high-energy bebop, funk and soul grooves, reggae, bossa nova, folk traditions, and interpretations of Popular Classics, this cello-guitar pairing is a perfect fit for a variety of settings, from laid-back lounge evenings to vibrant cultural celebrations. The organic chemistry between the instruments captivates listeners, offering a soothing and spirited escape.

With extensive use of looping in live performance, Mark and Ed are able to weave together instruments and rhythms supported by studio quality dram samples through a Boss rc600 Loopstation. With a variety of Audio Effect chains, Mark and Ed have limitless freedom to develop textures and soundscapes harnessing the rhythmic soul of Music Traditions from around the world, developing them freedom of tonal harmony in the heritage of Jazz greats such as Thelonius Monk, Charles Mingus and Barry Harris.

Whether providing an elegant ambiance for a private function or adding a touch of sophistication to a community festival, Mark and Ed deliver performances that are both engaging and relaxing. Their sound is a subtle nod to pan-African roots while embracing universal jazz allure, making them a versatile choice for event planners seeking to enchant and entertain.

Mark and Ed consider themselves unbelievably fortunate to be joined by Brazilian Percussionist Edgar Deu. Infusing Don't Hippo with 20 years of drumming experience from 600+ person Blocos on the streets of Rio to leading Samba Drumming workshops in South London, Edgar brings an indescribable energy to the group, creating an unstoppable engine of Groove. With an array of unique Brazilian Percussion Instruments, Edgar's passion for music and learning empower him to apply these instruments to a variety of genres including Jazz, Blues, Afrobeat and Reggae with electrifying results.

Please email for booking details. Prices sensible (London btw)

+ Edgar

Mark Ed and Edgar Trio Jazz

Mark Ed and Edgar Trio Jazz

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